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Spanish companies need to improve their branding

Branding is this century's key for companies success! Why? Because it is the first impression the client gets from our brand, and so, we will or will not be in our client's short list. It has to be connotations-free and psychological coherent; it is worth pointing out that 75% of purchase decisions are taken by…
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Latin America: the place companies should aim for

Latin America (LATAM) market is growing at an unstoppable rhythm, offering huge possibilities for digital marketing strategies. According to the report Future Digital LATAM 2014, from comScore, the number of LATAM users increased up to 17%.; a significant increase in comparison to other regions such as Europe (2%) or North America (2%). LATAM users have reached…
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Online learning: the future learning approach

The world is in constant change and so does technology, which goes along with the society challenges. E-learning courses are a growing tendency nowadays. Almost 70% of big companies are regularly training their employees this way now and it is expected that its growth will worldwide double this year. It is reported that the e-learning…
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New technologies allow us to do things that we would have never thought of

TICS (Information and Communication Technologies) are now highly present in most companies. Employees can take online courses anywhere anytime, without taking into account the size of the company. With 3D animation your products and services can be emphasised and improved. For example using an avatar for branding purposes. Thanks to the reputation management system, unsatisfied…
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