Online learning: the future learning approach

The world is in constant change and so does technology, which goes along with the society challenges.
E-learning courses are a growing tendency nowadays. Almost 70% of big companies are regularly training their employees this way now and it is expected that its growth will worldwide double this year.

It is reported that the e-learning method is currently used as the second training method in most companies. This is because of its cost saving since the presence of an instructor is not needed in online learning and because it has been proven to increase productivity up to 50% as reported by the IBM.

As reported in “E-learning Market Trends and Forecast 2014-2016” by Docebo, online learning high popularity can be noticed in these growth rates:
Asia - 17.3%
Eastern Europe - 16.9%
North America - 4,4%
Western Europe - 5,8%
Latin America - 14,6%
Middle East – 8,2%

Online learning is gaining such popularity that in the near future, experts predict that half of the University lessons will be taught online. This will also help the environment since e-learning courses consume approximately 90% less energy than traditional lessons.

Through e-learning courses the user can focus on a specialty. It can be a more continuous and progressive training, being adaptable to suit different skills and improve the general performance of employees. It is also a way of presenting employees with new skills and a career plan, which motivates them. Moreover, the candidates can test their knowledge by taking the final test and receive the corresponding certificates.
Employees find this approach appealing because it is an efficient tool within a dynamic environment which keeps them up to date.

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