Spanish companies need to improve their branding

Branding is this century's key for companies success!


Because it is the first impression the client gets from our brand, and so, we will or will not be in our client's short list.

It has to be connotations-free and psychological coherent; it is worth pointing out that 75% of purchase decisions are taken by emotional influence rather than rational. Our branding must gather and transmit our values and personality to our target group. The main purpose is loyalty building and SEO. This will be useful once the company wants to be internationalized.

Unfortunately, Spanish enterprises are not taking worldwide first positioning. According to the last Brand Finance study, Santander is the only one included in the 100 first most valued companies around the world, as a number 50. Santander's value is currently 18.700 million dollars. The following ones are: Movistar (11.451), Zara (142-8.622), BBVA (148-8.335), Iberdrola (247-5.567), Gas Natural (485-3.206) and Mapfre (496-3.150 million euros).

Another baseline study, from Rep Track, shows that nowadays the tendency has changed and foreign companies are more trusted, meanwhile the national ones are losing their favourable image. These are shocking and alarming news for the Spanish companies, which should invest more money in branding.

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