What are e-learnings?


The word e-learning is very common in the daily activities of many companies working online or need new methods to educate their employees without rising up the cost structure.

E-learning is a way of distance learning that integrates the use of information and communications technology (ICT). Employees can access to different multimedia contents using specific learning platforms which allow feedback and interactivity without the need for the employee to move physically to another place.

The difference from other types of education is the online connection you need once you are using the courses. The amount of people participating, in an e-learning course is unlimited in comparison to a traditional way in classroom. Text, audio, video and graphics as well as interactive elements are combined in a attractive and motivation way. Due to the usage of different formats there is no monotony of learning. A high level of multimedia can be offered.

In addition, this method can offer a wider view in contrast to traditional education as well as and greater autonomy and self-knowledge of the participants.

But, how is e-learning related to companies? Currently, more and more companies medium and also big multinationals groups choose this type of education in order to teach employees for new products, services or to obtain from them a high level of productivity inside. According to the study of Docebo called “Market Trends & Forecast 2014-2016 Report” it shows that those companies that integrate their services as e-learning training for the employees are more productive than those that do not use it at all. It is assumed that the business will grow significantly over the next years. In 2015, this sector will gain up to $51.5 million worldwide and it is estimated to further increase by 7.9% of the annual income in 2016.

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