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Instructional design -what is behind it and what makes it so important?

What is a pedagogical concept or instructional design? Instructional design is a fundamental step in the holistic education process. It is mainly about creating materials or activities according to the learners needs. These needs are physical, digital and electronic. However, we are not just talking about creating materials, but much more about adapting the subject […]

What Is E-Learning?

E-learning, also called online learning or interactive learning, is the acquisition and study of knowledge that takes place through technologies and electronic media. In simple language, e-learning is defined as an active electronic learning. In general, e-learning takes place via the Internet, where users can access their online learning materials at any time and place. […]

Employee motivation during home office

The events of March and April 2020 with booming worldwide pandemic were a shock to everyone. Services that required personal interactions were prohibited, productions were stopped or slowed down, millions of employees around the world were laid off, many local businesses were force to close down. The International Monetary Fund officially stated, that the world […]

Soft Skills Every Virtual Team Member Needs

Working in a virtual team presents many challenges. When you can’t see your colleagues face toface, and you don’t have the social interactions that build relationships and rapport, it can be difficult to gain mutual trust. If not handled properly, this lack of trust can undermine everything theteam is trying to achieve. Another big challenge […]

Top 5 Soft Skills You Need on Your Resume

Nowadays, there is a high competition for jobs, so it is essential to stand out from the croud. The resume is the first thing, that an interviewer looks at while choosing a candidate. That means, you CV has to have to catch their attention as quick as possible. We not only recommend showing a good […]

What are soft skills and why is it necessary to train them?

What are soft skills? Soft skills or interpersonal skills are the set of characteristics that make us stand out as professionals and that are transversal to any professional career. They are skills that are only acquired in daily life and that allow people to successfully integrate into working environments. These transversal competencies include personal attributes, […]

Remote working: employers’ obligations

Who is responsible for accidents at while working from home? Due to technological development and globalization, it is increasingly common for employees to carry out their work from their own homes instead of going to a physical office where they carry out their activities. Working from home does not exempt those responsible for ensuring the […]