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Independent and Self-Directed Learning

What is self-directed learning? How can technilogy influence our new learning habits?  Learning in an independent way may be challenging for all of us since we are used to having the support of a teacher or coach who guides us. Fortunately, technology has given us different tools to learn on our own. This is what […]

What is adaptive learning?

What is adaptive learning? Who is adaptive learning for? Adaptive learning is an innovative technique for providing personalized and effective education, by which computer technology is used. Adaptive learning systems use a data-driven approach to adjust the path and pace of learning, enabling personalized learning at scale. This innovative learning method can be targeted at […]

What are learning nuggets?

Have you heard about Learning Nuggets? Unfortunately, they are not edible, but they can definitely feed your head with knowledge and new skills 🙂 In the article you will learn what Learning Nuggets are, what they can be used for and in what form. We will also give you a brief overview of how Digital […]

How has education been affected by the pandemic?  

The COVID -19 pandemic has affected all sectors of the planet. Although many disciplines have adapted to the online format, we still have a big step to take in terms of education. We still think that e-learning is not effective enough.  The immediate reaction was to close schools at all levels, including universities. For this reason, we […]

Digital Escape Room – an innovative Serious Game

We are thrilled to introduce our newest, most innovative and wanted product – the Digital Escape Room. It is a Serious Game, that will educate and motivate your employees using entertainment and interactivity. The rules of the game are very easy: the user is trapped in a room and they can only escape, once they`ve […]

How will your company benefit from E-learning?

In recent years, the e-learning tools have become increasingly popular within companies, with the aim of providing employees with individual training tailored to their needs. The effectiveness of the method clearly depends on the type of course that the company chooses to make available to its employees.   First of all, it is necessary to […]